Spinal neurosurgery

The back surgery

Spinal neurosurgery is a surgical specialty aimed at treating pathologies of the back, ranging from the spine to the spinal cord. This specialty is halfway between orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. As centers of expertise in orthopedics, the CIC Clinics offer comprehensive care for the treatment of pathologies affecting the spine, allowing neurosurgeons to work in close collaboration with our accredited orthopedists and our partner pain center. Herniated discs, cervical and lumbar spine, as well as narrow lumbar canals account for the greatest number of surgeries in spinal neurosurgery.

Did you know ?

Les douleurs de dos sont la première cause d’invalidité en Suisse et l’une des principales à l’échelle mondiale.

Our specialists at the Clinique CIC Montreux

Dre Alda ROCCA

Spinal surgery

Spécialiste neurochirurgie

Clarens - Montreux

Dr Blaise-Dominique ZAMBAZ

Spinal surgery

Spécialiste neurochirurgie, FMH
Chirurgie spinale