Outpatient stay

Information on outpatient procedures

On this page, you will find information and advice concerning your outpatient stay at the Clinique CIC. In order to ensure that your operation takes place in the best possible conditions, we thank you for taking the time to read this information and to respect the hygiene and safety measures.


Preparation - Hygiene
  • In order to avoid the inconvenience of a long wait before the operation, the exact time of entry to the clinic will be communicated to you by telephone the day before your operation.
  • On the morning of the operation, we ask you to take a very careful shower, carried out for long minutes using a standard soap in order to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible.
  • Make-up is prohibited. Dark-colored nail polish is strongly discouraged.
  • Dentures must be removed just before the procedure.
  • Contact lenses, jewelry, pendants and bracelets are prohibited.
  • On the day of the operation, please do not wear any cream or perfume.
  • If necessary, the operating room staff can perform a depilation of the surgical site before the operation.



  • It is mandatory to fast, which means not eating at least 6 hours before entering the clinic.
  • You are allowed to drink water, coffee, tea or still water up to 3 hours before entering the clinic. If you are diabetic, take advantage of drinking a sugary drink 3 hours before entering the clinic to avoid hypoglycemia.
  • Take your usual medications as instructed by the anesthesiologist and do not forget to bring them with you when you enter the clinic.


On the day of the surgery

  • As soon as you arrive at the clinic, the reception desk will direct you to the ambulatory sector.
  • Then, the nursing team will take care of you and prepare you for the intervention.
  • After the operation, when you leave the operating room, for safety reasons, you will stay in the recovery room for intensive monitoring.
  • When you are fully awake and medically stable, you will be transferred to the outpatient sector.
  • Your family and friends can obtain information by calling the Ambulatory Care Nurse directly at T. 021 989 28 18.
  • Discharge authorization will be given by the anesthesiologist, based on a medical examination.
  • For the return trip, it is necessary to be accompanied.