A modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure

Located on the shore of the Lake of Geneva, the Clinique CIC Montreux offers:

  • An operating block of 6 rooms with an advanced technical platform
  • A lithotriptor, a device for the removal of kidney stones
  • A certified on-site medical device reprocessing service, meeting the latest Swiss and European requirements
  • A hospitality service of 40 rooms
  • An ambulatory service with 16 beds for patients requiring surveillance for a few hours
  • Specialized medical consultations on site. List of medical consultations
  • A medical and surgical polyclinic for first-aid emergencies
  • A physiotherapy service for hospitalized patients and outpatients coming with a medical prescription
  • A cafeteria with a view of the Lake of Geneva
  • A conference room
  • A paid underground parking

The Clinique CIC of Montreux, it's also:

  • Over 120 employees
  • +60 accredited doctors and surgeons
  • 5,200 surgical operations in 2019


Integrated since 2012 into Vaud hospital planning, the Clinique CIC of Montreux offers specialized medical consultations as well as surgical treatments in various specialties including orthopedics and urology for which it has been recognized as center of expertise.