Orthopedics and urology: our areas of expertise

Surgical techniques at the cutting edge of innovation

Shoulder cuff

Superior capsular reconstruction

A first in the canton of Vaud ! With a new technique practiced by our orthopedic shoulder specialists, Dr Diederichs and Dr Montesinos, a prosthetic solution can be avoided, allowing the patient to keep his native joint.

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Knee prosthesis

Knee surgery

Myknee technology allows for a more precise arthroplasty. With a radiological image, a three-dimensional plastic replica of your knee is realized allowing the creation of this customized surgical instrument.

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Hip prosthesis

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

The AMIS technique is a surgical procedure that makes it possible to reach the joint by inserting itself between the different muscle planes, respecting them, without ever cutting the muscles.

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Non-invasive treatment of kidney stones

Lithotripsy is mainly used in urology, it allows the fragmentation of kidney stones without surgery. It uses extracorporeal shock waves...

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Other advanced surgical techniques

Techniques opératoires de pointe

Cataract Surgery

Eye Surgery

We were the first in French-speaking Switzerland to have operated with the Femtosecond laser, a laser with extremely fast pulses allowing more precision.

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Minimally invasive proctologic surgery

Surgery of the rectum and anus

Dr. Roman, FMH specialist in general surgery, accredited at the CIC Clinic in Saxon, is the first and only one in the canton of Valais to use the latest tools, the Leonardo laser, for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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