Visitor information

During a hospital stay, visits are often appreciated by patients and contribute positively to their recovery. This is why the Clinique CIC encourages these visits. You will find below some practical information which may be useful for the visit of your hospitalized relative.<br>

<br>Visits to patients are allowed at the following times: 

  • For private patient visits: daily from 9am to 9pm 
  • For the visit of the patients in common division: every day from 12pm to 8pm

In order to protect our patients as well as our staff, we appeal to your responsibility and ask you to refrain from visiting us if you have any symptoms (loss of taste, smell, fever, cough, etc.).

  • The Clinique CIC has an underground parking. The number of spaces being limited, to facilitate access to patients and avoid long-term parking, this is a paid-parking. The cash machine is located on floor -1. Please note that the automatic doors are open until 9 p.m.
  • You can also park your car at the Pierrier, a municipal paid parking, 150 meters from the clinic, or in the spaces available nearby.


In order to respect the hygiene measures and the hospital environment of the clinic, we thank you for paying attention to the following information: <br> <br>

  • Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory for asymptomatic people in our establishments.
  • We ask you to make sure to disinfect your hands upon arrival.
  • We ask that you avoid close physical contact to protect patients and staff from the potential risk of spreading viruses.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the clinic.
  • Only cut flowers are authorized in the nursing sector and bedrooms. Potted plants are prohibited in these areas.
  • We remind you that the Clinique CIC is a non-smoking establishment, it is therefore prohibited to smoke in the rooms.